Lancaster PA Tent Community Crusade CD Set - 2018

Gospel Express Ministries

$ 65.00

2018 Lancaster PA Tent Meeting CD Set

  1. Hosting the Presence of God: Part 1—Dave Miller
  2. Hosting the Presence of God: Part 2—Dave Miller
  3. Entering the Holy of Holies—Dave Miller
  4. God’s Word or Man’s Word—Dave Miller
  5. A Trustworthy Gospel (Testimony)—Dave Miller
  6. The Choice to be Honest—Rick Rhodes
  7. Youth Message: Submitted & Faithful—Rick Rhodes
  8. Unity of the Spirit—Dave Miller
  9. Woe is Me—Nelson Coblentz
  10. The Fear of God—Nelson Coblentz
  11. Breaking the Powers of Darkness—Nelson Coblentz
  12. The Comforter Has Come—Dave Miller
  13. Is My Gate Unlocked?—Dave Miller
  14. Generational Blessings—Dave Miller
  15. Youth Message: Run Fast—Rick Rhodes
  16. Trying the Spirits—Rick Rhodes
  17. Pressing In—Dave Miller
  18. What Do You Dream, Cry, Sing, Pray About?—Nelson Coblentz


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